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About Mr Blocked Drains Canberra

 As a plumbing company in Canberra, we have been solving your blocked drain needs. With more than ten years of expertise in the field, we are committed to offering quick, reasonable, and trustworthy service for any issue.

We are famous in Australia as Mr Blocked Drains Canberra because of our expertise in clearing blocked drains in Canberra. Our prompt and affordable service makes us an excellent choice for your blocked drain needs.

 Our field technician is trained by the National Plumbing and Drainage License to serve you efficiently with all drainage issues. Regardless of the problem, our professional can solve it for you. We also use highly effective tools to find out your issue's root cause so we can offer a solution immediately.

We offer various services and are your one-stop shop for any clogged drains. We have the expertise and resources to correctly complete any task, from CCTV drain inspections to drain cleaning. Additionally, we provide a 24-hour emergency service so you can feel secure knowing that our assistance is always available.

This company is family-owned and operated, so we take pride in every job. We do everything from resolving easily solved problems to restoring old systems. Our genuine and friendly technicians are reliable and prompt, so you can trust they will arrive on time at your home or business.

Our Services:

Drain cleaning: Our drain cleaning service is thorough, working with chemicals and heavy-duty machines to remove all debris from your drains. Our service ensures your plumbing system's health and the environment's safety.

Camera inspections: It is best to use CCTV drain inspections to remove any blockages quickly. CCTV drain inspections are a convenient and safe way to find, precise, or repair drain blockages. With this method, we can identify the source of the problem, whether up on the roof or in your basement, before any damage is done.

Drain repairs: Due to various factors, blockages can usually lead to sewage backup. We offer drain repairs to fix these problems and keep you and your family as safe as possible. If you have broken pipes, we are happy to fix them for you. This can also include replacing any old or damaged plumbing components.

Water jetting: This method works well when there is a blockage in your drain. For example, if hair, paper towel, or food obstructs the drain, this method can clear it. We supply the tank, so all you have to do is stand back and watch our dynamic water jetting clean your drains from top to bottom.

Pool cleaning: We have provided quality pool cleaning services for Canberra residents for many years. Call on us for swimming pool maintenance or after a water breakdown.

For Any inquiry visit at or call us at 04 8007 9775


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