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Get The Best Web OS TV Online

Elista smart TV powered by Web OS TV delivers hassle free entertainment as per your wish. Elista has a robust product distinguished by its global quality and distinctive design.  Get easy access to your favorite content on Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube and a lot more or just stream your favorite tracks. At Elista, you will get a wide range of 4k ultra HD smart TVs to meet your needs and expectations.

In this smart TV we provide 400 nits peak brightness, 1.07 billion colors and bezel less premium design. We have many ranges of 4K TVs available in various sizes like 43 inch,50 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch according to your need and requirements.

What is Web OS?

Web OS is a Linux based smart TV operating system built by LG TV app development, LG Web OS lets the users get access and control to the more advanced features like  Graphical User Interface. Initially, Web OS was developed as a mobile OS by palm and HP smartphones. However, LG got it in 2013 and modified it as a smart TV operating system.

Difference between Web OS and Android TV 

       In android TV, if one app is open and you want to open another app, you need to switch off the first app and go to the home screen. But in the case of Web OS, you can get access to the launch bar anytime you want even if another app is opened

       Web OS smart TV remote control comes with point and click functionality makes navigation easier than Android TVs remote.

       Web OS has a more simplistic approach in terms of User interface, navigation etc., while android TV not.

       For screen casting, the smart share feature of Web OS allows you to watch all multimedia content on TV and in android TV built in chrome cast technology allows you to share content from apps.

We believe in Elista, a great television that provides excellent picture quality and is easy to use and has a variety of features that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Elista is driven by the ambition to better people’s lives while establishing the brand.

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