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Factors to choose the best medical university


Although every student has their own preferences in choosing a medical college, there are some common factors that can help MBBS applicants and parents judge the quality of a medical college. Applicants choosing a medical college should consider important factors that give a fair idea regarding the quality of medical education before deciding to complete their choice of college for the admissions process. Global Medical Foundation is one of the leading consultancies for MBBS applicants in Kyrgyzsta and Kazakhstan.




The main factor for the college section is the tuition fees charged by the medical college. It depends on the type of medical college and the quota chosen. Government college tuition varies from state to state. Therefore, we should rank colleges according to their tuition fees and choose the best colleges based on other parameters such as location, patient flow, PG courses, etc.


PG course:


The number of PG courses in a medical college determines the number of specialized departments in a medical college. UG students receive guidance for clinical practice from junior and senior physicians. The number of specialized and graduate programs is one of the key factors in choosing an MBBS in Kazakhstan. If you are looking for admission to PG courses, you must check the number of DM/MCH specialized courses run by medical colleges.


College location:


The medical college located in the city centre attracts a large number of patients, which gives them exposure to various diseases during their studies and the clinical clerk. Students studying further from their hometown should ensure an air connection is available if choosing a smaller city. Another important thing to consider for medical colleges in the city is the availability of PG coaching centres. However, there are many options for online coaching if you are keen to train offline. But it is better to choose a college located in a large city.


Average patient flow:


Most medical studies are based on clinical practice. Clinical practice begins during the 1st Year of MBBS anatomy classes, so choosing a Medical university in Kyrgyzstan with a high number of patients is more important. There are many private medical colleges in many states that are understaffed. You need to check if the medical college has a history of disqualification and avoid it during college selection or filling out options.


Hospital beds:


Another important factor that can be used to judge the quality of the clinical practice of medical college hospitals is the total number of inpatient beds in the hospital. An affiliated hospital with more than 500 beds is considered a good medical college. 

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