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Buy Thermal Label from Reputable Manufacturer to Get More Benefits!


If your company demands a high volume of labels for printing, it is better to use thermal labels. It is one of the widely used labels in the business world for several applications. It includes inventory identification, shipping labels, receipts, and UL labels. Reputable Thermal labels manufacturers provide high-quality thermal labels at an affordable rate. It helps businesses of all sizes to fulfil their needs without crossing their budget.

How does a thermal label produce?

Reputable manufacturers such as Swash India follow specific methods and technology to provide quality thermal labels for customers. Usually, thermal labels are produced via one of two processes such as thermal transfer and direct thermal. In the direct thermal process, the labels pass under the hot print head, and then chemically-treated paper darkens to produce the specific image.

On the other hand, the heat from the print head releases the thermal ribbon material onto the label surface to produce the image in the thermal transfer process. Both methods provide specific benefits over laser and inkjet printers. You can pay more attention to the process followed by the manufacturer to provide the thermal labels before taking a decision.

Advantages of thermal labels 

Have you joined hands with reliable Direct Thermal Label suppliers? Are you thinking about making the thermal label purchase? If yes, then you are eligible to claim the following benefits.

  • Thermal printed labels are more durable than laser and inkjet-printed labels. It is also more resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, UV exposure and abrasion. So, it becomes the most suited label for your business. It is widely used for circuit board tracking, UL labels, product identification and other applications.
  • Thermal printers do not need ink to produce the image, and thus it eliminates the expensive cost of printing. Thus, the manufacturers will render the thermal labels at cost-effective pricing. It helps you to save more in the long run. 
  • Thermal printers can produce more labels quickly than inkjet or laser counterparts. It means you will experience a faster turnaround time that positively impacts your supply chain.
  • The best thermal label manufacturer provides customizable thermal labels to meet your business and personal needs. It means you can put your logo or branding to use the label as per your requirements. It helps take your brand to the next level without spending more. 


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